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If you are looking for firearms, we would like to help.
Think of us as your custom ARMS concierge service.

A Accesories & Upgrades
R Repair & Gunsmithing
M Manufacturer of Custom Firearms
S Sales - Special Order, Class 3/NFA, FFL Transfers

Accessories & Upgrades

The list is almost endless for accessories and upgrades, but with our supplier connections we can find the options you want. Fitting & installation is available. For optics we also offer mounting, bore sighting, 100yrd paper zero and chronograph services.

Repair & Gunsmithing Services

If you have any firearms that are not working properly or need a good cleaning and reliability check, bring them in for an evaluation & estimate.

There are many specialty tools required for some firearm repairs. Currently we are building up our collection of specialty jigs & tools as needed. To be honest and upfront, there could be some jobs that must be turned away due to not having the proper equipment at the current time. Other requests (i.e. bluing, checkering, engraving, parkerizing, etc.) may result in a referral to a company that specializes in that type of work. I like to explain this so you know I will only take work that can be performed correctly in our shop.

Manufacturer of Custom Firearms

We currently have the capability & tooling to build custom AR platform rifles.

One of the problems I have found after buying and customizing stock AR rifles is that I am left with a box of worthless parts that I can't sell because everyone else has a box just like it. That is the number one reason why I began building AR rifles. The second reason is it allows me to select the individual components that best fit the purpose of the rifle and assemble them with continuous detail not always found on assembly line rifles. 

If you would like a rifle built to your specifications let me know. I will help you sort through the multitude of options that are available to select from and once it is built all you will have to do is feed it.

Sales - Special Order, Class3/NFA

It doesn't seem that long ago when a firearm model just came in one color and maybe a couple of different barrel lengths. Now there are some popular models with a dozen or more different variations. As a small shop, we do not have the inventory space to compete with large retailers and their selection of in stock firearms. However, this decision to not maintain a physical inventory of new firearms allows us to keep our cost down and utilize a virtual inventory through our suppliers. This strategy not only allows us to keep prices down, but also provides our customers with a wider selection to choose from. Shipping times may vary depending on the item, but 2-10 days is an average availability.

So if you are looking for a new firearm, let us know and we can provide you a quote.

FFL Transfers
$25 per firearm (NO TX CHL/LTC)
$15 per firearm (TX CHL/LTC Holders)
Please contact us before starting a FFL Transfer.